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Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
One of TNM Engineering’s specialties is the investigation and reconstruction of commercial vehicle crashes. Because of their size, mechanical differences and their own set of regulations, commercial vehicle crashes are uniquely different. In addition to our standard investigative procedures TNM Engineering routinely conducts commercial vehicle air brake inspections, ECM downloads and log book reviews.
TNM Engineering is equipped to perform on-site brake inspections using a self contained portable air supply. Brake adjustment measurements are recorded and used to evaluate the effectiveness of the air brake system and the vehicles braking capabilities. The air brake system condition is evaluated for compliance with the Federal Motor Carries Safety Regulations.
ECM data downloads can provide information about a crash that traditional reconstructions can't. Some ECM's can record up to 2 minutes of vehicle speed data along with other engine parameters. We are equipped to conduct in-cab, on-engine and off-engine downloads of Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar and Cummins ECM's.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that limit of the number of hours a commercial vehicle driver can drive and work is commonly referred to as Hours of Service. The drivers Log Book can be reviewed for compliance with the FMCSR Hours of Service. In addition, trucks equipped with GPS tracking systems can provide data that can validate the accuracy of the of the drivers log book.

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