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Mission Statement
Our mission at TNM Engineering is to provide quality accident reconstruction services by offering a quick response to your case, conducting a thorough preservation of the evidence, using accepted methods for reconstructing the accident sequence and preparing exhibits to help explain the results of our reconstruction.

Our staff of professionals has over 50 years combined experience in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. TNM Engineering has investigated and reconstructed all types of accidents to include those involving passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, trains and other forms of transportation. TNM Engineering is also able to provide analysis of other types of losses such as brake and steering failures, blown engine claims, tire disablements and other mechanical failures.

At TNM Engineering we provide thorough and quick response to Accident Investigation and Reconstruction services. Our staff of professionals are ready to timely respond to your case, providing a fully equipped Same-Day-Out-The-Door-Response-Team.

Upon coordinating a specific assignment, the TNM Response Team will typically conduct a Total Station Survey of the accident site, acquiring 2D/3D data documentation of the physical evidence and roadway geometry. The scene data is used to prepare scaled 2D/3D diagrams that assist during the collision analysis and ultimately provide visual aids as Trial Exhibits.

Along with surveying, the accident scene is thoroughly photographed documenting the physical evidence and roadway geometry The vehicle approach directions to the collision site are videotaped to provide the viewer an awareness of the general site environment leading up to the collision location. On-site skid testing and lateral-G testing is conducted if the assignment so requires.

The involved vehicles are also inspected, photographed and documented in order to document the resultant damage profiles and other vehicular evidence. The TNM Response Team is able to document the vehicle damage by utilizing portable Overhead Photography equipment. Portable scales are used to weigh modified or non-standard vehicles. If available and upon proper authorization the Airbag modules and or Power train control modules are downloaded. On commercial vehicles the Engine Control Module (ECM) is downloaded.

Upon return to the office the scene and vehicle data are used by the professional staff at TNM Engineering to continue the collision analysis. Upon completion of the preliminary collision analysis the Lead TNM Professional will contact you to discuss the case.

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