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Fee Schedule - Effective 01/01/15, Tax I.D. 74-2814849
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Engineering & Accident Reconstruction$175.00-$215.00/hr.
Deposition & Trial Testimony*$215.00/hr.
Engineering & Accident Reconstruction Assistant$100.00-$120.00/hr.
Research/Technical Assistant$85.00/hr.
Support/Clerical Services$25.00/hr.
Working RetainerQuoted Individually
Laser Survey$200.00
3D Laser Scan$500.00
Crash Data Retrieval (Airbag module download)$300.00
Crash Data Retrieval (ECM download)$500.00
Portable Scales$100.00
Vehicle Specifications$15.00 Ea.
Photographs$2.00 Ea.
Photo-Data CD-DVD$10.00 Ea.
Video Equipment$75.00
Vericom (Accelerometer - Data Acquisition System)$100.00 Ea.
Diagrams, Aerial Plots$5.00/SF.
Foam Board$2.00/SF.
Color Copies$1.25 Ea.
Expenses ( Airline, Lodging, Car Rental, Meals, Shipping, Research, etc ) At Cost
2D/3D AnimationsQuote
Miscellaneous Equipment and Analysis ToolsVaries
Accounts are due upon receipt, late fees of 1.5% per month will be assessed on account not paid within 30 days.
* Deposition and trial preparation to be paid by client. Deposition fees, travel expenses and mileage are to be paid by the party taking the deposition unless advance arrangements are made.
A pre-payment of estimated time and expenses will be required unless advance arrangements are made.

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